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The Sleep Mask

The Sleep Mask

Wherever, whenever
The Sleep Mask is made for sleeping, anytime, day or night. In any position, the well-tailored mask keeps complete darkness. The ultrasoft Sleep Mask is made from moisture-wicking bamboo.
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Lights out

Stomach, back or side sleepers will find that the well-tailored mask blocks light in any position, eliminating the need for re-adjustment, and guarding peaceful slumber from intrusive light leaks.

Silk insideBreathable
and natural
Made of
100% bamboo
product description

How the gravity blanket improves your sleep according to our sleep-scientist Helle Bentzen

The sleep science magic
is in the weight

It’s better not to owe

For every needed hour of sleep you don’t get, you accrue an hour of “sleep debt”, and it will need to be paid back, with interest.
of our lives is (or should be) spent asleep.
30% of people are sleep deprived according to a recent UK survey.
4 The number of days it can take to recover from 1 hour of sleep lost

The power of sleep

We know you know it’s important, but did you know the positive effects of sleep can be felt throughout virtually every aspect of our lives? It impacts:
  • Physical strength
  • Creativity
  • Productivity
  • Happiness
  • Emotional well-being
  • Resilience to stress

Rest easy

The Sleep Lab constantly has its finger on the pulse of the latest trends in sleep and relaxation, and our products have been carefully designed based on the latest scientific research.
They are developed to help you power down and recharge with the assurance that the mechanisms behind them are supported by scientific evidence. So sleep tight, knowing that we’ve got you covered (literally).

Bamboo: The ultimate sleeping textile


Naturally clean
Ultra soft and thermoregulating, the naturally antibacterial fabrics are perfect for promoting good sleep hygiene. Bamboo is also highly absorbent and breathable.


Good for the whole world
Fast-growing and self-regenerating, bamboo is one the most sustainable resources in the world. It requires much less water, little to no pesticides, and minimum labor to grow and harvest -- and that’s good for us all!
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FAQ - The Sleep Mask

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Overall Rating
Grete B
Date: 16-02-2021
Softest mask
I love sleeping with a mask on, but this is on a next level of softness! Such a nice feeling. Really recommend this
Date: 15-02-2021
Perfect sleep
I really love it, only had it for few days. It fits perfectly in the shape - thanks!