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“I think that everyone deserves to have good night’s sleep”
- Stine Borgstrøm

About The Sleep Lab

The Sleep Lab story

The Sleep Lab is a Danish sleep wellness brand founded in 2019 by Stine Borgstrøm. Stine herself was struggling from stress-induced insomnia, and having no real interest in counting sheep, she went to the research for solutions and advice for ending her sleepless nights.

While trying to solve her own sleep issues, Stine learned a ton. However, she had trouble finding products to support her efforts, let alone ones that would blend into a Scandinavian aesthetic. So after a while, she decided to make them herself, and The Sleep Lab was born.

Stine now sleeps much better. And today, for anyone who has trouble sleeping, or simply resting a weary mind and body, we offer well-designed solutions ready to slip into your daily routine.

The science of sleep

The Sleep Lab constantly has its finger on the pulse of the latest sleep research and sleep trends.

Our products have, therefore, been carefully developed to help you power down and recharge with the assurance that the mechanisms behind them are supported by scientific evidence.

Who are our products for?

While we sleep for roughly a third of our life, our waking hours shouldn’t be wasted when it comes to sleep wellness. In fact, relieving stress during the day creates an environment of rest that does wonders for those hours when our head is on the pillow.

So, The Sleep Lab products are for anyone who wants to prioritize their sleep wellness by creating the right conditions for sleep, and experiencing relaxation throughout their day.

We believe that everyone deserves the best quality of sleep possible and should be able to afford to prioritize their sleep. To that end, we aim to create a universe of rest, filled with high-quality products that help deliver a better night, every night.

We want to create a focus on prioritizing sleep and its importance. Therefore, at The Sleep Lab, we work with the philosophy: MIND YOUR SLEEP.